Rotterdam is the second biggest city of Netherlands. It has one of the world’s busiest and biggest ports. The port of Rotterdam is second biggest port simply behind Shanghai. The name Rotterdam gets from a dam in the Rotte River. The port of Rotterdam filled in as a significant exchange point for the East India Company during the eighteenth Century. The development of Shipping Canal in around 1350 gave Holland more prominent admittance to the different pieces of Europe. This made Rotterdam a nearby trans-shipment focus between Holland, England and Germany.

After Second World War, the Holland made enormous development in the field of route and boat building. Rotterdam has consistently been one of the significant focuses of boat working for Holland. They become pioneers in recovering of land from ocean for example making dams, forces to be reckoned with and against flood frameworks on the ocean. Challenging and new styles of lofts, places of business and entertainment offices brought about a more decent downtown area with another horizon. The advancement of Dutch as the business place was spearheaded by Kop van Zuid in mid 1990’s. Rotterdam is the home of customer monster Unilever, and the Mittal Steel Company.

The Grand Depart of the 2010 Tour De France will be facilitated in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is an extraordinary metropolitan city that draws in individuals from everywhere the world and subsequently is an ideal spot to host such functions.

Transportation in Rotterdam:

The Hague Airport in Rotterdam is the third biggest air terminal of the nation. It is situated in the north of the city. It has demonstrated a quick development in the recent years because of development of ease transporter market and today it serves a huge number of global and homegrown flights.

Cable cars are likewise extremely mainstream in Rotterdam with more than 10 tramlines present in the city which spread absolute length of 94km. Notwithstanding this the city has 38 transport lines which spread a complete length of 433km.